Easy WIC grocery shopping

October 2022

Budget Bites to Help You Save Money On Food

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4 Tips To Help You Save Money

Grocery prices keep going up, and we are all looking for ways to stretch our food budgets. Here are a few tips we can all use to curb the waste, and stretch our food dollars even further.


If you don’t think you will use them before they go bad, freeze fruits and vegetables. Put them in freezer-safe containers or bags and mark with a date. These frozen portions are great to add to soups or smoothies.

Save veggie scraps like potato rinds, ends of onions and celery pieces, to make veggie broth. These vegetables will make a perfect vegetable broth that is delicious in soups.

Use leftovers creatively. You can turn almost any leftovers into a completely different meal. For example, did you make roasted veggies as a side dish this week? Use the leftovers in a delicious omelet. You cook once and have two delicious meals. Plus, you save time in the kitchen.


One of the best ways to maximize your WIC benefits is to use your SNAP benefits first. Your SNAP benefits roll over, but your WIC benefits expire at the end of the month. USE WIC FIRST.

Make fewer trips. If you are making a trip to the WIC clinic, redeem your WIC benefits during the same trip. Grocery Services North, which caters to WIC clients, are conveniently located near WIC clinics. Grocery Services North caters to WIC clients and helps them redeem their benefits in one easy, fast trip.


By planning ahead you can save time and money. Plan your menu for the week. See what ingredients can be used to do double duty in your recipes. For example, are you making a homemade soup and stir-fry dish this week? Get an onion that can be used for both. What other ingredients can be used in both meals? Stretch your food dollars by using simple recipes with less ingredients. Plus, it is a great way for your kids to help. Make a menu together on a chalkboard or a colorful paper. Your kids will love the family activity.


One of the best ways to save money cooking is to make simple, nutritious recipes that don’t have a ton of ingredients. Buy pantry staples like seasonings on sale or in bulk. Make your own salad dressing using olive oil and simple seasonings.

Get all your WIC foods at Grocery Services North in Dallas, Plano, Waco, Tyler and Longview. Grocery Services North caters to WIC clients, and are ready to help you get all your WIC foods in one easy stop. Find a location near you.

August 2022

2 New Grocery Services North Locations Now Open In Tyler, Longview

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Grocery Services North opened two new stores in East Texas. WIC clients can now get all their WIC foods in one easy stop in Tyler and Longview. 

 The primarily WIC store in Tyler is at 225 East Amherst #700 and the Longview location is at 2430 South High Street, #C4. Both are conveniently located next door to WIC clinics. 

WIC clients can easily get all their WIC foods in one easy stop. Grocery Services North clerks are bilingual and can help customers in English and Spanish. Customers can check their WIC balance before shopping and see exactly what WIC benefits are remaining. Clerks assist customers throughout the process. 

WIC clients can visit a store, and insert their WIC EBT card at the counter. Bilingual clerks help assist WIC customers get all their desired WIC groceries for checkout. 

WIC clients then approve each item for redemption while a clerk sacks all their groceries.

Grocery Services North is a primarily WIC grocery store chain with locations in Dallas and Waco, TX and now East Texas. The stores offer an easy WIC shopping format that takes the hassle out of WIC shopping.

April 2022

Benefits Of Shopping WIC at Grocery Services North

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Do you find that shopping for WIC products seems frustrating?  Get all your WIC-approved groceries at Grocery Services North.

Shopping WIC at Grocery Services North is easier and faster than what you are probably used to at bigger stores. Our primary focus is WIC clients, so customers get the personalized service and attention they deserve. 

Stop wasting time and find out how easy WIC grocery shopping can be.

6 Benefits Of WIC Shopping At Grocery Services North

Friendly, Bilingual Staff

Our staff caters to WIC clients. They are familiar with the WIC program and can help answer your questions. They are bilingual – speaking both English and Spanish – for even added ease to your shopping experience. Plus, some of our staff have even been WIC clients. Because Grocery Services North caters to WIC clients, you are in a no-judgment zone.

Everything In The Store is WIC Approved

WIC clients won’t have to waste time searching for WIC-approved items. Everything is WIC approved. Plus, because we focus on WIC groceries, customers don’t waste any time at checkout with items not ringing up as a WIC item. We know our WIC items are WIC approved.  

Easy, Fast Shopping Format WIC Shopping

Grocery Services North locations are conveniently close to WIC clinics. Once you walk in you will discover an easy, fast shopping format geared specifically to WIC shoppers. You don’t have to search aisles. Just walk up to our counter, insert your WIC EBT card and our staff will walk you through the rest. You will have all your WIC groceries ready to go in minutes. 

We Know WIC

Because we cater to WIC customers, we are very familiar with the WIC program. Our staff can help answer any questions you may have, and Grocery Services North has contacts with WIC staff in case there is a specific need that arises. We are here to help.

Personal Shopping Help

You aren’t shopping alone at Grocery Services North. You get personalized attention from the moment you walk in the door. You won’t feel overwhelmed with getting your WIC groceries. Our staff gathers all the WIC items for you as you select them and rings them up. The process is easy and fast.

Everything You Need In One Stop

Grocery Services North has everything you need in one place. You won’t have to go from store-to-store looking for everything you need. Visit any of our locations in Dallas, Waco, Tyler, and Longview today to find out how easy WIC grocery shopping can be. Groceryservicesnorth.com/locations.

March 2022

Check WIC EBT Balance Before Shopping

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Grocery Servies North Helps Make WIC Grocery Shopping Easier

Going shopping for WIC foods can be very stressful for mothers. They may feel they are left to guess what groceries can be redeemed using their WIC EBT, and hope they are approved at checkout. The entire shopping experience can often seem overwhelming.

Grocery Services North helps make WIC grocery shopping much easier. WIC clients can even see what benefits are on their WIC EBT BEFORE  shopping.

WIC clients just walk into a store, insert their WIC EBT at the counter, and the customer’s benefits will pop up on our screen. The store’s bilingual clerks can help shoppers pick their WIC groceries by gathering any items the WIC client would like to redeem during the visit.

Customers approve each WIC grocery item they would like to redeem. They are also given a receipt of what items were redeemed during the visit. Customers aren’t left guessing what benefits they used. Customers also don’t have to guess about which grocery items are WIC approved. Everything at Grocery Services North is WIC approved.  All the guesswork is taken out of the entire shopping experience. 


Here is how our unique WIC shopping process works:

  • Insert WIC Card at the store counter (where you can check WIC balance)
  • View products on the monitor
  • Choose your groceries with our unique WIC Shopping Tool
  • Wait at the counter while our bilingual clerks pull WIC client’s groceries
  • Approve your transaction with your WIC card

Because all the groceries at Grocery Services North are WIC approved, customers get in and out quickly. Plus, WIC clients don’t have to search aisle after aisle guessing if your groceries are WIC approved at checkout. 

Our super simple shopping process takes all the hassle out of WIC grocery shopping. Plus, Grocery Services North store locations are conveniently located near WIC clinics. Visit any store today to find out how easy WIC grocery shopping can be.