Our Story

Grocery Services North is a chain of grocery stores that only offers WIC products. Since 2012 our devoted staff has been ready to help mothers in need of nutritional assistance, from prenatal to postnatal care. This includes helping a child through every stage of development up to age 5. These nutritional benefits last a lifetime, and our goal is to make these benefits easy to find and fast to pick up, for every Dallas mom.

What Makes Us Special

  • groceries are brought to you while you wait at a counter
  • many of our locations are close to WIC offices and clinics
  • most of our clerks have been part of the TexasWIC program at some point


We understand the diversity of Texas, and make a promise to treat all races and religions equally. A bilingual staff also helps Spanish-speaking customers find what they’re looking for. When you walk in, feel free to say hello and ask any questions. We’re here for you.

About WIC

WIC is a state-run program that stands for Women, Infant, and Children. The program allows mothers to receive various food products through monthly benefits, plus nutritional education through counseling.

WIC Eligibility

In addition to knowing how the program works, it’s important to know if you’re eligible. Those eligible for WIC benefits include:

  • Pregnant women
  • Mothers who breastfeed, up to 1 year after infant birth
  • Non-breastfeeding mothers, up to 6 months after infant birth
  • Infants up to their 1st birthday
  • Children up to their 5th birthday

WIC Card

If approved, you will receive a WIC ebt card. This card is funded at the beginning of each month, and you can use those funds on any WIC-approved products. Here are some resources if you need to report a lost WIC card, or simply have questions on how to use your WIC benefits:

For more information on the TexasWIC Program, visit the official TexasWIC website.

About PWIC Stores

Each Grocery Services North location is classified as a PWIC, or Predominately WIC Store. The label ‘PWIC’ is used to separate us from regular grocery stores labeled ‘TWIC’. Larger grocery stores offer WIC-approved products, but we specialize in them.

With so many products to choose from at traditional grocery stores, it can take a long time to find what you need. At PWICs like Grocery Services North, you don’t have to worry about lost time in long aisles because we’ve got all of our products in one small space. You don’t have to find WIC-approved items by yourself either – simply wait at a counter while a personal shopper brings them to you!

Another reason PWICs are so important is their close proximity to WIC Clinics and WIC offices. As you look through our locations, you’ll notice that each store is placed where it is for a reason – so you can have easy access to all your WIC benefits.