July 2022

WIC Approved Fruits and Vegetables

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Expanded WIC Approved Fruits and Vegetables Benefit Extended Thru September

Texas WIC has extended it’s expanded fruit and vegetable benefits thru the end of September. Now clients can get even more WIC approved fruits and vegetables.

According to WIC, the new WIC approved fruits and vegetables benefit is currently:

  • Children get $24 each month 
  • Pregnant, postpartum and some breastfeeding clients get $43 each month 
  • Fully and partially breastfeeding clients get $47 each month.

For example, if you are pregnant and have two children (ages 1-5) receiving WIC, you will get $91 ($43 mom + $24 child + $24 child = $91) each month in April, May and June to buy fruit and vegetables, according to WIC.

WIC clients should contact a local WIC office if they have questions about these benefits. 

The expanded WIC fruit and vegetable benefits are expected to return to $11 for pregnant, breastfeeding and postpartum women and $9 for children Oct. 1.

WIC clients can get all their WIC groceries in one easy stop at any Grocery Services North location in Dallas and Waco. Grocery Services North caters to WIC clients and locations are located conveniently to WIC offices to help customers get WIC in one trip. 

WIC Income Requirements

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Pregnant & Need Help?

Are you pregnant and need help with your pregnancy, but not sure where to start? Start with Texas WIC.

The program is open to pregnant women that are Texas residents. The free program can begin as soon as you learn that you are expecting a baby. To qualify, expecting Texas mothers must meet the following WIC income requirements, which are provided by Texas WIC.


Households with the following gross yearly income per member: WIC pregnancy help

  • 1 household member can qualify making up to $25,142 gross yearly income per household;
  • 2 household members up to $33,874 gross yearly income;
  • 3 household members up to $42,606 gross yearly income;
  • 4 household members up to $51,338 gross yearly income;
  • 5 household members up to $60,070 gross yearly income and
  • 6 household members up to $68,802 gross yearly income

Texas WIC can help you give your baby a healthy start with education, counseling and nutritional foods. The program provides FREE resources to help you along your pregnancy, including nutrition counseling and FREE healthy food packages to help ensure you and your baby have a healthy pregnancy. To see if you qualify for the program, apply online at texaswic.com/apply.

Visit our blog, to get more information about Texas WIC.

Grocery Services North is a chain of grocery stores near WIC clinics that caters to WIC clients. There are 11 locations in Dallas, Waco, Tyler, and Longview to help make WIC grocery shopping easy. Customers can check their WIC balance before shopping and can get personal shopping assistance from bilingual clerks that are familiar with the WIC program.

Find a location near you.


June 2022

Ways To Save Money This Summer

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Everything seems to cost more these days: gas, groceries, and almost everything else. Here are a few tips to help parents save money this summer on everything from groceries to gas. HINT: Maximizing Texas WIC can help!


One way to save gas money is to try to fit in as many errands into the same trip. Fewer trips to an area help reduce the number of miles you are driving to get there and back.  Mapping out your errands this way also helps you save time. 

For example, if you are driving to a WIC clinic to renew your benefits then pick up your WIC groceries at a nearby PWIC store that caters to WIC clients. Stores like Grocery Services North locations are usually really really close to WIC clinics. Sometimes they are even next door. Find a PWIC store near you at GroceryServicesNorth.com/locations.


Another way to save money is to make sure you redeem all your EBT benefits. Remember, if you don’t use your WIC benefits by the end of the month they expire. SNAP benefits never expire so redeem your WIC benefits first. Bonus, Grocery Services North locations accept WIC and SNAP EBT. 

Using programs like WIC for food benefits will help you save money on food. Plus, PWIC stores like Grocery Services North caters to WIC clients. That means we have all your WIC items in one place, and the bilingual staff is familiar with the program if you need help. 


Another way to save money is to plan your menu for the week or even the month ahead. It also helps create less waste. For example, if you roast veggies you can use them for two meals in one week by using them in a stir-fry one night, as a side, or even in a salad or a grilled sandwich. It also helps you save time because you can cook multiple meals at one time. If you are looking for tips on meal planning check out this article. 

Plus, check out our blog for more recipe ideas using WIC foods. 

It’s also a great activity for kids. When you get them involved, you can have age-appropriate conversations about healthy foods, meal planning, and not wasting food.

March 2022

Check WIC EBT Balance Before Shopping

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Grocery Servies North Helps Make WIC Grocery Shopping Easier

Going shopping for WIC foods can be very stressful for mothers. They may feel they are left to guess what groceries can be redeemed using their WIC EBT, and hope they are approved at checkout. The entire shopping experience can often seem overwhelming.

Grocery Services North helps make WIC grocery shopping much easier. WIC clients can even see what benefits are on their WIC EBT BEFORE  shopping.

WIC clients just walk into a store, insert their WIC EBT at the counter, and the customer’s benefits will pop up on our screen. The store’s bilingual clerks can help shoppers pick their WIC groceries by gathering any items the WIC client would like to redeem during the visit.

Customers approve each WIC grocery item they would like to redeem. They are also given a receipt of what items were redeemed during the visit. Customers aren’t left guessing what benefits they used. Customers also don’t have to guess about which grocery items are WIC approved. Everything at Grocery Services North is WIC approved.  All the guesswork is taken out of the entire shopping experience. 


Here is how our unique WIC shopping process works:

  • Insert WIC Card at the store counter (where you can check WIC balance)
  • View products on the monitor
  • Choose your groceries with our unique WIC Shopping Tool
  • Wait at the counter while our bilingual clerks pull WIC client’s groceries
  • Approve your transaction with your WIC card

Because all the groceries at Grocery Services North are WIC approved, customers get in and out quickly. Plus, WIC clients don’t have to search aisle after aisle guessing if your groceries are WIC approved at checkout. 

Our super simple shopping process takes all the hassle out of WIC grocery shopping. Plus, Grocery Services North store locations are conveniently located near WIC clinics. Visit any store today to find out how easy WIC grocery shopping can be.

September 2021

Texas WIC Helps Displaced LA WIC Families

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Texas WIC Helps LA WIC Families

Texas WIC helps. The organization is offering a helping hand to Louisiana WIC families displaced by Hurricane Ida. “Wherever you find yourself in Texas, WIC can help transfer your benefits, replace your lost foods and assist with breastfeeding during this time of need,” according to social media posts by WIC agencies.  To find contact information of a Texas WIC office near you, enter the zip code of your current location at https://find.texaswic.org/?wicType=Clinic&lge=a8Jwz9Jlia. Breastfeeding assistance is available 24/7 for all moms at 855-550-6667.


If you would like to redeem your WIC benefits in an easy, hassle-free store you can find primarily WIC grocery stores by visiting the links below. Primarily WIC grocery stores aim to provide quality WIC-approved products in an easy, hassle-free shopping experience, allowing WIC clients to pick up all your WIC groceries in one convenient stop. SNAP also accepted. Find a primarily WIC grocery store near you with the links below.


Visit LoneStarFamilyMarket.com, a chain of primarily WIC grocery stores in Austin with locations also in Round Rock and San Marcos. Visit WICaustin.net for a list of WIC clinics and primarily WIC grocery stores.


Visit GroceryServicesNorth.com, a chain of primarily WIC grocery stores with locations in Dallas, Waco, Tyler, and Longview. Visit WICDallas.net to find WIC clinics and primarily wic grocery stores in Dallas. 


Visit WICWaco.com for a list of WIC clinics and primarily WIC grocery stores. You can also visit GroceryServicesNorth.com You can also visit TexasWIC.net to find primarily WIC grocery stores and WIC clinics in Texas.


Visit JCFoodMart.com in San Antonio, a chain of primarily WIC grocery stores in San Antonio. Visit WICSanAntonio.net to find WIC clinics and primarily WIC grocery stores in San Antonio.


WIC helps! Thank you Texas WIC for helping LA WIC families!

February 2021

Grocery Services North Opening Friday Feb. 19th

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Grocery Services North plans to open tomorrow, Friday, Feb. 19, 2020 at 10am. Starting Saturday we will resume regular hours.
We have been closed the first part of this week due to extreme winter weather.
Grocery Services North will resume these hours as long as locations have full electrical power and staff is able to get to work safely. Should there be any change to this schedule due to unforeseen circumstances, we will provide updates on our Facebook page.
We accept WIC and SNAP. We do not limit redemptions.
Stay Safe!