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July 2023

Now Offering Organic Baby Food

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Mom’s Organic Choice™ Now at Grocery Services North

Every mom wants the healthiest food for their baby. That’s why we are now offering Mom’s Organic Choice baby food- the perfect baby food option for health-conscious moms. 

Grocery Services North now offers a range of delicious fruit, vegetable and combination flavors of Mom’s Organic Choice baby food.Packed in convenient, resealable, BPA-free containers, these organic baby food options are designed with busy moms in mind. 

Grocery Services North stores already has an array of flavors to pick from, including: apple, banana, pear spinach pea, apple banana pear, apple banana strawberry, pear, banana mixed berry, apple blueberry, apple mango, carrot apple pear and sweet potato. 

Mom’s Organic Choice is a woman-owned business that is “proud to offer products that are free from artificial preservatives, colors and flavors and are made with simple, organic ingredients,” according to their website. 

Experience the convenience of having an array of healthy, organic baby food choices to redeem using your WIC benefits. Pick up some of your baby’s favorite flavors today at Grocery Services North. Locate the nearest store by visiting our locations page. 

August 2022

NEW Product Alert!

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Grocery Services Offering Kashi® Cereals While Supplies Last

Customers can redeem WIC benefits for Kashi® organic cereals at Grocery Services North locations, while supplies last.

Grocery Services North is currently offering Kashi® Organic Honey Toasted and Kashi® Organic Warm Cinnamon in 12 ounce boxes. 

The cereals are shaped as hearts and O’s, making it a fun and nutritious treat for children and adults. WIC-approved cereals are low in sugar, iron-fortified and are high in fiber. 

Stop by any Grocery Services North location in Dallas, Waco, Tyler and Longview to pick up your WIC foods in one easy stop.

September 2021

WIC & Gerber Organic Cereal

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Redeem WIC For Gerber Organic Cereal

Redeem your WIC benefits for organic Gerber baby cereal next time you visit Grocery Services North.  All of our locations are now providing Gerber organic cereals to help you provide the best nutrition for your baby.

Organic cereals will help your little one get a healthy start to eating solid foods. It’s the #1 Pediatrician recommended brand for infant cereals and provides “essential nutrients – like iron, B vitamins, vitamins E and C, zinc and calcium,” according to Gerber. 

The organic cereal is commonly one of the first solid foods for babies to try, and is usually recommended when your baby is a supported sitter from 4-6 months. 

Grocery Services North will offer Organic Gerber Rice and Oatmeal Cereal in 8oz containers. Grocery Services North is a chain of primarily WIC grocery stores in Dallas, Waco, Tyler, and Longview that aims to provide quality WIC-approved products in an easy, hassle-free shopping experience. WIC clients can check their WIC EBT balance before they shop and bilingual clerks will help them through the entire shopping experience. Everything in the store is WIC approved.

Pick up Gerber Organic Cereal and all your WIC groceries in one convenient stop. SNAP is also accepted. Find a location near you by visiting our website.